• Industry 4.0-Platform Tomorrow Connect

    Connecting machines via Plug & Play

Tomorrow Connect is the high-performance and scalable Industry 4.0 platform

Tomorrow Connect makes the collection, processing and visualization of machine data from differing manufacturers possible, and it is the foundation for the digitalization of companies. Collected data can be utilized with Engineering Apps or eApps, located in our eApps store. There you can find easy-to-use apps such as Real-Time-Monitoring Dashboards, Production Cockpits, Downtime Trackers, and Excel add-ins.

Interfaces for Enterprise Software solutions such as SAP, BI- or warehouse software are also available and can be customized according to your needs.

Tomorrow Connect at work with AGC Automotive (german version)

Upgrade? Not a problem!

Data collection via Plug&Play with our Tomorrow Labs Connector

With the Tomorrow Labs Connector, extensive data collection from machines and sensors is easy with Plug&Play, simply connect directly to the controls or sensors. Furthermore, additional hardware can be connected to the Tomorrow Labs Connector, such as a scanner pistol, in order to collect the hardware data. Moreover, the Tomorrow Labs Connector processes data locally, thereby reducing the transfer volume considerably and consequently unburdening the company/shop-floor network.